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Measuring equipment in wiha tool quality.

High-quality. Precise. Reliable.

Digital multimeters

Versatile, efficient, digital: For measuring various electrical units such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency. With a measuring range up to 1,000 VAC/1,000 VDC, it is suitable for measurements involved in photovoltaic installations for single-family residences.

  • Storage and relative value measurement facilitate and expedite the comparison of measured values
  • Actual values based on the True-RMS function facilitate correct application
  • Quick result finding based on minimum and maximum values
  • Large LCD display with bar graph and background illumination plus a signal sound
  • Automatic measuring range setting or manual preselecting possible

» Technical Details

  Digital multimeters
Up to 600 V AC, CAT IV
Digital multimeters
Up to 1000 V AC, CAT IV
Order no. 4521845215
Continuity test< 30Ω< 30Ω
Voltage600V AC/600V DC1.000V AC/1.000V DC
Current 40 mA - 10 A AC / DC40 mA - 10 A AC / DC
True RMS
Measurement range selection automaticautomatic / manual
Non-contact voltage test
Frequency5 MHz60 MHz
Resistance max.40MΩmax. 200MΩ
Measuring category CAT III 600V/CAT IV 300VCAT III 1.000V/CAT IV 600V
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Continuity Meter

It is sure to make itself heard : the Wiha continuity meter is distinguished by superior overvoltage protection up to 400 V and the high volume of its acoustic test signal. It it clearly discernible even across rooms and floors.

  • Simple test thanks to the LED display and signal sound
  • Integrated flashlight function for optimum illumination conditions
  • Quick continuity test with up to 20 mA test current and large resistance range up to 500 kΩ
  • 2 measurement ranges: Up to 10 Ω / up to 500 kΩ.

» Technical Details

  Continuity Meter
up to 400 V AC, CAT II
Order no. 45222
Continuity test
LED and signal sound
2 measurement ranges Up to 10 Ω / up to 500 kΩ.
Overvoltage protectionCAT II 400V
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Rotating Field Indicator

Always in the right direction: the Wiha rotating field indicator reliably determines the phase rotational direction and issues a warning for faulty cabling. Delivered with three cables, one for each phase. This way, it enable easy rotating field determination with a single test.

  • LED display for easy to read measuring results
  • Simple determination of the rotary field and phase indication in a single tool
  • Test tips for variable application possibilities

» Technical Details

  Rotating Field Indicator
100–700V AC, CAT IV
Order no. 45221
Rotation field indication
LED and signal sound
Measuring lines3
Overvoltage protectionCAT IV 600V
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