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Fast has never been this unique.

speedE II
The original. From Wiha.

You know speedE® as Wiha's first electric screwdriver with which you can work more efficiently and in a healthier way. Wiha would not be Wiha if we left it at that. This is why we are now presenting the new speedE®II generation - even faster, even stronger and even more versatile.

Because the new speedE®II has two power levels, 0.4 Nm and 1.0 Nm, which opens up a new bandwidth in applications. The integrated material protection function ensures safety at both power levels. With the new speedE®II generation, Wiha shows that you can always do everything a little better - so that your work is even easier.

Fast has never been this powerful.

Material protection function at 1,0 Nm: Perfect for larger thread screws.

Thanks to the new power level of 1.0 Nm, speedE®II is now also the ideal tool for screwdriving tasks requiring greater force. Wherever larger threaded screws are used, with speedE®II you can complete the job 3 times faster than with a conventional screwdriver.
Interior design and furniture assembly

Fast has never been this secure.

Material protection function at 0.4 Nm Perfect for sensitive applications

Wherever more sensitive screwdriving is required, you can choose the power level 0.4 Nm. In this way, even sensitive screw connections can be completed in the shortest possible time. Of course with automatic material protection function, supported by the easyTorque torque adapter for particularly delicate screwing.

Fast has never been this versatile.

Faster, more efficient, more controlled: speedE®II is a small, compact miracle of advantages from which everyone benefits in their daily work. And, like all Wiha tools, speedE®II is ergonomically designed in an exemplary manner - not without reason recommended by AGR doctors and physiotherapists.

Fast has never been this modular.

Different tasks, different demands: You decide what you need. With the speedE®II set, matching accessory modules and torque adapters, everyone can put together all the parts they need individually.


Fast was never this familiar.

A family of E-specialists - and a team of exceptional players: The ElectricVario Family by Wiha unites all the fastening tools you need for every challenge in your job. These include many new members to complete the team.

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