Звёзды программы

Инструментальный ящик для набора XXL III electric

Прорыв в новый мир.

Электрики нуждаются в самых разных инструментах в самых различных местах. Многие инструментальные ящики не обеспечивают достаточную стабильность, и зачастую все...

Лучшее для электриков

Набор торцевых ключей и бит 1/4" и 1/2"

Крепко затянуть — легко отвинтить.

Для завинчивания и сборки требуется много различных профилей. Набор торцевых ключей и бит из 60 предметов от Wiha предлагает пользователю широкий выбор самых ходовых...

Лучшее для механиков

Чемодан с набором инструментов XL eMobility

Идеальная безопасность при работе.

Для работы с автомобилями с электроприводом необходима не только особая квалификация сотрудников, но и надёжное сертифицированное оборудование. Благодаря...

Лучшее для производства и обслуживание электромобилей


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User experiences are incorporated into Wiha tools right from the product development stage. This results in high-quality tool sets that are produced for mechanics, electricians and electronics technicians which have been specifically assembled for different requirements. Neatly tucked away and clearly organised in robust, compact tool bags, tools are ready at hand, ensuring work is completed easily and efficiently.

Our tool sets for electricians guarantee safe working. This is because the international award-winning VDE insulated tools are tested individually at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1000 V AC.
Thanks to extensive fitments, the Wiha toolbox for electricians contains the right device for every application, such as a torque screwdriver set, fully insulated screwdrivers from the Wiha slim line or TriCut installation pliers. In addition, the Wiha professional toolbox offers ample space for additional tools through the convenient tool inserts and lots of storage for small parts and machines. The toolbox with stable in-line rollers allow easy and stress-free transportation of tools. Our fully equipped electrician's toolbox offers a complete kit for professional electricians out on jobs.

In addition to the extensive toolbox set, we also offer the matching tool bag for each application. Our slimVario® electric set, for example, is ideal for use in a confined working environment or when out on jobs. In this set, all tools are securely arranged in a robust and clearly laid out tool bag. The tool set also optimizes space owing to a comprehensive interchangeable bit system. Our Wiha VDE tool assortment – offering the optimal tool set for every electrician.

Our tool assortment also includes attractive tool sets for mechanical applications. This 31-pc. Wiha mechanic's tool bag provides a basic kit of hand tools for the most common applications for mechanics. This tool set includes, among other tools, the AGR award-winning SoftFinish® screwdriver in various sizes, the ErgoStar L-key holder and water pump pliers.

Our installation bit set offers the basic bit equipment for switch cabinet construction. This tool bag contains all common blades in one compact set. The 70 mm bits included in this tool set allow easy access to even deeply seated screws.

Our ESD tool bags are ideally suited for applications in electronics. All Wiha ESD tools are manufactured according to IEC 61340-5-1 and thus ensure safe work on sensitive electronic components.

Whether in a case or convenient tool bag, Wiha tool sets and tool solutions are essential must-haves for the everyday work of professional craftspeople.

By the way: You can purchase our convenient tool bags also without contents, i.e. empty.

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