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83 professionals.
One system.

ElectricVario family by Wiha

There has never been a team with so many exceptional players:

The ElectricVario Family by Wiha unites all the fastening tools you need for every challenge in your job. These include many new members to complete the team. The best thing about them: thanks to the countless combination options, you’ll sail through every penalty area and sink each screw. Safe – every insulated tool is tested at 10,000 volts. Health-preserving – its ergonomic design also relieves strain on muscles and joints. Highly ef cient – its combining ability means you save valuable time and space. And all in stylish, super-practical sets that make going to work even more fun. In other words, everything exactly as you’ve come to expect from your favourite club, Wiha.
There’s no two ways about it: with the ElectricVario family, you’re playing in the premier league.
Always easy to recognise – with the EVF logo.

Let our strong team play for you
  • One system with 83 tools
  • Comprehensive range with many new features
  • Perfect combinability, everything fits together
  • Specially compiled sets for every job
  • Efficient, ergonomic, health-preserving

The defenders

Stubby electric
Small and agile, but with maximum power, this guy gets everywhere.
PicoFinish® electric
The sensitive one: slim and precise with soft grip zone.
slimVario® electric
A picture of health: the optimal balance between power and control.
LiftUp® electric
The magician: clever, flexible, saves space and weight.
Fastens screws electrically with a deft touch up to 0.4 Nm, twice as quickly as by hand! Then tighten manually.
TorqueVario®-S electric
Controlled power: prevents material damage, precise and VDE-certified.

The midfielders

easyTorque adapter
To extend the torque tool
slimBit extension and adapter for 1/4“ nut driver
slimBit and 1/4“ adapter blade for TorqueVario®-S electric

The strikers

for slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, TORX, hex and square etc.
1/4“ hexagon head nut driver
For key widths from 4 to 14 mm.

The goalkeeper

Torque QuickCheck
For quick and easy checking of Wiha Torque-Vario® torque tools.

The coaches

What’s the use of even the most talented players if there’s no one to shape them into a team? Touché. This is why Wiha has organised the individual talents into teams in order to make the best of every situation.
Tool set slimVario® electric mixed, 31-pcs. in functional bag
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slimBit box
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Nut driver insert 1/4“ set, insulated, mixed, 10-pcs., with adapters in folding bag
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Screwdriver and nut driver insert 1/4“ set slimVario® electric, mixed, 13-pcs. in folding bag
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slimVario® electric starter set
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TorqueVario®-S electric set
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SoftFinish® slimVario® electric Set
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slimVario® Stubby, 4-pcs.
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PicoFinish® slimVario® electric set
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speedE® II Set
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