Wiha tools for electricians

Completely safe tools with protective insulation are of paramount importance for all tasks in the electrical sector on electrical systems. Wiha meets these requirements with a wide selection of VDE hand tools and expands its product range further every year. This ensures high-quality tool sets are produced for electricians and electronics technicians which have been specifically assembled for different requirements.
Every Wiha tool is the result of intensive user surveys and needs analyses in the electrical industry. Wiha promises its users the highest ergonomic standards, uncompromising safety and increased efficiency and functionality. Some examples of this include the electrician’s toolbox with 80 or 115 pieces, plier solutions like the BiCut heavy-duty diagonal cutters and the 3-in-1 TriCut installation pliers. This extensive range of products in the VDE segment aims to facilitate the everyday work of electricians in a variety of ways.

What does VDE mean? As an internationally recognized institute, the Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e. V. (VDE) is responsible for the testing and certification of electrotechnical products. Wiha offers professional users an extensive range of VDE products that have been especially developed for electricians. Some examples of this are the VDE screwdriver, VDE plies and tool sets. All Wiha VDE tools carry multiple certification: the VDE-GS mark stands for safety in relation to any risk, from electrical all the way to radiological. Products labelled with a double triangle and a voltage range are suitable for work at live parts. The international standard IEC 60900 defines the construction, safety as well as single, series, and random testing of insulated tools.

Whether next door or at the most remote site: It’s greatif the tool you need is quickly at hand. Compact, handyand robust, the Wiha toolbox set ensures access tothe tools you require, at any time and in any situation.
The ergonomic quality of a tool is never tested as much as when fastening and jamming. This is why the innovative Wiha SoftFinish® screwdriver handle concept works with four different handle sizes. Thus, each handle has a perfectly correlated ratio of guidance, speed and torque for any task. Electricians are offered even more comfort by the Wiha slimTECHNOLOGY, specifically developed for electrical applications. Here, the protective insulation has been integrated into the blade, thus enabling them to be up to 33% thinner. This means that effortless access to low-lying fastening and spring elements is guaranteed.
Less tool means less weight, better handling and efficient work. The three main working steps for processing cable, including cutting the cable to length and stripping and skinning the individual conductors, usually require three separate tools: diagonal cutters, a cable stripper, and stripping pliers. The TriCut installation pliers unites all of these functions, which makes switching pliers unnecessary,which is a convincing argument for using the all-round pliers, in particular for frequent work on ladders near live parts. Especially when used in narrow spaces, the TriCut scores due to its specially angled head, which provides both ergonomic and energy-saving stripping and skinning lengthwise on the cable. Specifically in distribution boxes or branch-offs, the TriCut thereby provides a decisive advantage in comparison to other pliers. Using the TriCut diagonal cutters, not just cable but also hard wires or even chains can be cut. This also saves space and particularly weight on belts, in bags, and in toolboxes.